How do skills shortages affect me?

Your best career decisions are made with knowledge about your skills and interests together with information about labour markets and skills shortages. Many factors influence skills and labour demands over time including:

–         rapid technological changes;
–         economic conditions;
–         the movement of skilled workers overseas or to other industries; and/or
–         an ageing population.

Information about skill and labour shortages can assist you to make better career decisions by helping you:

–         narrow down your choices;
–         think about your commitment in terms of training, time and money.

What is a skill shortage?
A skill shortage exists when there are not enough people with a particular skill to meet demand.

Labour shortage
A labour shortage occurs when there are not enough workers available to do all the work required.

If you want to find out about labour and skill shortages in Western Australia go to the State Priority Occupation List (SPOL) where you will find a profile on Western Australia and information about skill shortages in regional Western Australia.

You can also find information specific to industries and workforce demands across a range of industry areas by checking out the industry profiles.

For more information about skills shortages and career planning, contact the Career Centre to speak with a qualified career practitioner.