How to land a Mining Job

Looking for some useful tips on “How to land a mining job” with little or no experience? Then read on and gain some invaluable information to help you get into the mining industry.

12 June, 2012 Jody Elliott, The Resource Channel

Western Australia’s newspaper, The Weekend West featured sound advice – collected from senior HR representatives from companies like Rio Tinto and Calibre Global – this past weekend on landing a job in the Australian mining industry:

For unskilled and semiskilled jobs (certificate 3 and below), work experience is often favoured over tickets and other course qualifications.

If you don’t have previous mine experience, sell transferable skills to show commitment to safety and ability to maintain focus over long shifts, work as a team and handle the heat.

Highlight any experience working with heavy machinery, even if it’s driving a forklift at a supermarket.

Put your (previous) direct supervisor who worked alongside you as your referee because only he/she has the knowledge the recruiter needs.

Focus applications on subcontractors for mine sites under construction, and on the head mining contractor for mines in the operational phase. (For a list of contractors working on major projects, click here).

If applying through a subcontractor, having someone on the inside put in a good word for you can help.

Don’t leave blanks in your application, especially in your work history, and register for job alerts on company websites.

Show you understand and can handle the FIFO lifestyle and site conditions so you don’t appear an early flight risk.

Take the first job you are offered, because other opportunities will open up once you are in.

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