Social Networking & Personal Branding

How do you create a good online presence?

If you’ve recently applied for a job there is a good chance that your future employer has already searched for you on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Ask yourself, how does your online presence look?
What is your personal brand?
Which social networks should you participate in?

Here are some useful hints and tips when using social networking sites:

LinkedIn – The closest thing to an online resume, make sure there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes and fully complete the profile. Add as many connections as possible and participate in LinkedIn Groups.

Twitter – Write a bio that describes yourself in 160 characters or less, include a link to your online resume, follow influential people in your industry and engage with them.

Facebook – keep your facebook persona personal but also keep it professional. Check your privacy settings and create a separate list for colleagues so they only see what you deem to be professional.

Finally, use common sense before posting anything online ask yourself ‘could this lose me a job interview or impact negatively on my work and career in any way?

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