It’s the New Year and for many it’s a perfect time to take stock and plan what we want and what we might achieve for 2013.

But how many of us actually take time out of our careers to plan our career?

Here’s a simple 5 step plan:

1) Review 2012 – include major projects, achievements and responsibilities; include information about yourself, your perspectives and your knowledge.

2) Look over the list and search for trends, what would happen if these trends continue? What would happen if they don’t?

3) Ask yourself if I could do anything…what would it be?

4) Write down a list of 3 objectives for 2013 and tackle the first one first.

5) Make an action plan to complete by January 31 2013. These should be small achievable actions which will kick start your career planning journey.

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Adapted from a blog by Greg McKeown