The Australian Defence Force

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The Australian Defence Force offers a wide range of jobs, each offering unique and exciting career opportunities and challenges. With over 200 jobs available you’ll be able to find one that matches your skills, interests and education in the Navy, Army or Air Force.

 Now you can experience what it’s like to work in the Army over 12 exciting months. No long-term commitments and no strings attached. Just one year of adventure with the Australian Army. You could be doing anything from organising military hardware, like Abrams Tanks and parachutes, to driving some of the most advanced transport vehicles in the world. There are a range of diverse and challenging roles available, so whatever direction you want to take, you’ll find a role that’s right for you.

The Army Reserve also provides a flexible way to serve the nation and help local communities in Australia and abroad, on a part time basis.

 Find out more or apply now by calling 131901 or visit The Defence Force Recruiting Centre also conducts regular information sessions and you can book in to the next session by emailing or by calling 08 9488 7180.

 Parents can find out more here.

The Career Centre gratefully acknowledges Defence Force Recruiting’s contribution to the Career Centre blog.