Transport and Logistics – The Key to your Future Career

Is there a career in transport that’s the right fit for you?

The industry is so vast and opportunities are so diverse that transport and logistics has something for everyone. Every vehicle from a postman’s motorcycle to the biggest ship in the world needs someone to direct it. And everything that’s moved needs to be tracked, stacked and stored. From a Certificate II in Yard Operations to a Masters of Logistics, there is a massive variety of qualifications and jobs in the industry.

What’s exciting about transport?

Australia is a regular home to the biggest vehicles on the planet. Australian trucks haul the most trailers, our airports handle the biggest planes, we have freight trains that are several kilometres long and we’ll soon be home to the largest floating structure ever built. If you’re interested in transport, Australia is the place to be.
But size isn’t everything. While the volume of Australian goods transported has quadrupled over the last four decades, it is expected between 2010 and 2030;

• truck traffic will increase by 50%;
• rail freight will jump 90%; and
• the number of containers crossing the nation’s wharves will increase by 150%.

The volume of freight flown into and out of Australia has more than doubled over the last twenty years and is expected to increase by almost 110 per cent from 5.5 to 11.4 billion tonne kilometres by 2030.
In other words, the future looks bright for a career in transport and logistics.

How do I get started?

There are loads of great resources for people interested in joining the transport and logistics industry. There are dedicated industry career sites for rail and maritime or if you’re looking for information on jobs in any other transport industry, there’s the Go Places or LINC websites. There’s Job Outlook and the Job Guide which have great information on job prospects, earnings and vacancies for hundreds of jobs and My Skills which connects students and employers to training organisations. Also Apprenticentre can help those interested in traineeships and of course the Career Centre, which you’ve already found!

The Logistics Training Council (LTC) provides quality advice and information to all our stakeholders including employers, employees, community, industry, registered training organisations and Government. If you have any further questions on your future career in the transport and logistics industry, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Career Centre gratefully acknowledges the Logistics Training Council for their contribution to the Career Centre Blog.