Guiding your children towards a successful future

Guiding your children towards a successful future means three things will happen:

• good decisions will be made that lead to a good start;
• career confidence and resilience will develop; and
• essential skills for employability will be developed.

For many young people approaching the decision making years of their career, the future looks like a maze. They have a world of information at their fingertips, coming to them from all manner of sources. However they still have to answer questions for themselves – what do I do; how do I choose; how do I know what I am choosing is right for me? These answers must all come from within and most young people have little experience in self direction.

Trying to help alongside them are their parents. Research shows it is parents who have the most significant influence on a child’s decision making. Your children will be looking to you for conversations and advice about their future – helping them to build strong foundations for their decisions, building confidence in early career tasks and exploring experiences that will help them understand their options.

The Career Centre website at has a range of tools and resources that will enable you to share the career journey with your children and guide them in the decisions they will make.

Acknowledgment: some of the content in this article has been adapted from The Career Maze by Dr Helen Carpenter