Perth Pallet Challenge 2015

To celebrate National Youth Week the Food Fibre and Timber Industries Training Council, together with the Department of Local Government and Communities, will be holding the annual Perth Pallet Challenge.

The Challenge is open to all wood trades apprentices who are studying Cabinet Making (Furniture or Kitchen and Bathrooms), Furniture Finishing, Wood Machining, Upholstery and Floor Finishing.
working on a pallet2
This year apprentices must use their skill and innovation to ‘remodel’ three second hand pallets into an art or furniture piece of their own design. Apprentices will have approximately two weeks to complete the task using whatever methods they choose. On Sunday 19 April all entries will be placed on display at Hillarys Boat Harbour where they will be judged by industry experts and the public.

If you’d like a great opportunity to show off your skills, or are interested in seeing if carpentry and furniture making could be a career for you, don’t miss this event!
For information about prizes, applications and more, visit the Food Fibre and Timber Industries Training Council website.