Pathways to Tech made clearer than ever

Taking part in an IT graduate programPathways to a career in technology are as diverse and interesting as the people who follow them, finds FutureNow in their new career resources website, Pathways To Tech.

By interviewing a variety of different Western Australians working in tech careers, FutureNow has created a resource for anyone wondering what it is like to work in the tech industry, including useful information such as the best go-to software tools.

Every profiled person shares their favourite and least favourite aspects of their job, along with a few words of wisdom for anyone considering working in that field.

Pathways to Tech currently features profiles from the following careers:

•    IT Help Desk
•    Front End Web Developer
•    Application Architect
•    Tech Start-Up
•    IT Graduate Program
•    IT Support Technician

And if there’s a career in technology that interests you which isn’t featured on FutureNow’s Pathways to Tech website, just fill out their feedback form to suggest what they profile next!