Going to the career expo?

How can I make the most of my time there?

How do I work the room?

If you’re planning to attend one of the upcoming career expos then here are some useful hints and tips:

1) What do you want from the expo? Why are you there?
• Pens/freebies etc!?
Career Advice?
Course advice?
Help choosing options?
No idea?

2) Find out which exhibitors will be there and visit their website. You will gain so much more information if you know who they are and what they do.

3) Think about the questions you could ask:
• What are the entry requirements for this course/training?
• What can I do to improve my chances of getting into this job/career/course?
• What jobs are available after the course/training?
• Do you have open days?
• Costs involved?

4) Follow up after the expo by booking in an appointment with the Career Centre you can do this by calling 13 23 98, email or chat

How do I make use of information about job trends?

Job trends peak and trough at various times depending on a range of external factors. Use job trend information to gain a picture of the short-term opportunities available. If you choose to take advantage of this information, factor it into your short-term career plan.

Think about how a move into a trend occupation:

  • suits your personal circumstances including your location, your family commitments and your skills and interests;
  • impacts on any long-term work and life ideas you have; and
  • fits with where you see yourself living and working in 3 years time.

Positive work and study moves take your current circumstances and your future ideas about work and life into account together with information about the economy and labour market trends.

What do I look for?
Use the occupational information on this site to help you work out

  • what you might like about working in this area;
  • what day-to-day work might be like;
  • the type of work that suits you;
  • the training or education you’ll need;
  • future job trends, opportunities and demands;
  • where to search for a specific job in related industries; and
  • salaries and wages you will be likely to earn.

Your personal trends
See if you pick up any personal trends as you explore the occupations on this site. You might find you are drawn to the same sorts of duties, conditions or personal requirements. Write these down. They provide clues into your job interests.

Tools that help
Use the Occupation tools to get started exploring occupations.