Match your career to your values

A fulfilling career is built on many different underlying factors. If you enjoy using particular skills, such as photography or public speaking, researching careers that use those skills can be a useful activity. However, a satisfying career is not built just on skills alone. It’s also important to consider how your career aligns with your values.

If you feel it is important to be connected with and contributing to your local community, some careers will make this easier for you than others. If you value order, you may find the day to day of some occupations far too chaotic! When considering a future career or career change, be sure to think about whether it will align to your values. If you can, speak to someone already working in that profession to learn more about what you might expect.

Not sure what your values are, or which are most important to you? We have a free values card sort tool which allows you to rate a series of values, producing a report at the end that clearly outlines which values are the most and least important to you. And remember, as you move into different stages of your life your values may change. Even if you have considered them in the past, it may be worth reviewing them to see if you are still pursuing what is most important to you as the person you are today.

Hong Kong exchange program applications close 28 August 2017

A unique exchange program will give seven young Western Australians the chance to take a one-of-a-kind trip to Hong Kong in 2018. Applications close on Monday 28 August 2017.

The program is open to people aged between 18 and 25. Young people from regional areas as well as those with Aboriginal and multicultural backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Successful applicants will meet delegates from Hong Kong and participate in activities in Perth in October 2017, before travelling to Hong Kong in February 2018.

The program will provide young people with the chance to develop self-confidence, build international networks, gain an understanding of different cultures and provide a base for future career goals.

The International Youth Exchange Program will further strengthen relations between China and WA and is an initiative of the Western Australian State Government and the Home Affairs Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government.

To find out more or to apply, visit the program page at the Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia website.